Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back to School pictures

I try to get pictures taken of my kids once a year (more when they're babies) but this year it just hasn't happened. The thought of dragging kid after kid to the photo studio and forking out an arm and a leg for pictures just isn't cutting it anymore. After some encouragement and prodding from my husband I took them myself and will use them as their yearly picture. Here are the results from August when we started up school again.
Katie 7 1/2 years
 Emma 5 1/2 years
 Alex 3 yrs
Eleanor 15 months

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Crochet dolls

I crocheted an adorable doll for Katie for her 5th birthday and promised Emma one when she turned five. This is the result. I had so much fun making them and it gave me something to do while watching movies this winter.

 Emma's doll is named Lilly

 I remade Katie's doll too since I had learned more about yarn thickness and I had gotten better stuff from Holland.

 Katie's doll got a new dress and slippers
 She also got a rain outfit
 Katie's doll is named Emily
She got a bathing suit too.

And a pool so the dolls can go swimming!

Eleanor at 10 months

Here are pictures of my sweet bunny at 10 months. This was March.



Big brother, little sister

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Eleanor's birthday parties

This spoiled girly had a few birthday parties. Not that she cared of course. The tissue paper was more exciting than any of the gifts!

 We had a little birthday coffee and lunch to celebrate Kit and Eleanor's birthdays, since they're only eight days apart.

 New booties!
 Love her!

AAALLL the tissue paper!

 Either Kit smiled....
 ...or Eleanor, but never at the same time.

 Her own Klean Kanteen! I have a sippy lid that fits from Alex's and Eleanor drinks from it like a champ!

 She loves her card!

Eleanor is one!

My baby is one. This year has flown by. Will someone please tell me where the pause button is?

Some notes about Eleanor:
Poor girl has so little documented so far, sorry fourth-born
  • She has three teeth and is working on her fourth up on the top
  • She is such a laidback baby and super easy going
  • Until she was 9ish months she rarely cried. I mean rarely. 
  • She has a temper
  • She is offended easily if you tell her no
  • She knows where the big crumbs are under the table after Alex is done eating
  • She is up on her knees rocking back and forth but still army crawls everywhere
  • She is starting to pull up onto things that are about the height of a step
  • She has adorable giggles
  • She is in 12 months clothes, but 0-6 mo slippers. She has tiny feet!
  • She got her ears pierced for her birthday and isn't bothered by them at all
  • She naps for at least two hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. 
  • She sleeps 7pm-7am
  • She can say lots of words: mama, dada, Aaaaaak for Alex, Kaaaak for Katie, bye, hi, and her latest adorable is peek-a-boo. Sounds like peeegaboo. So cute
  • She loves games and clapping her hands
  • She is down to one bottle in the morning and drinks out of a sippy cup for her meals and snacks
  • She is starting to play shy and gives the most delightful snuggles
  • She is so loved by everyone
  • She LOVES Alex and is thrilled with any attention he gives her.  
  • She is a delight and never fails to get a smile from anyone.