Wednesday, April 20, 2011

14 months

This little girl is finally getting her large motor skills down pat! When I took her to the doctor at the end of March, he said her fine motor and recognition skills were way ahead, but her large motor skills were a little behind. But she's catching up! She's still army crawling around, but she's been up on her knees a few times to move forward. Hopefully this means less dirty clothes, but unfortunately it also means more worn out knees!

Katie can also finally get from crawling to sitting. She was always stuck on her stomach and didn't have the strength to pull her knees under her to get to a sitting position. She pulling herself up in her crib, playpen too, but the only problem there is that she doesn't know how to let go and sit down!

She still loves her books and will sit and 'read' for good chunks of time each day. She also just found the bookshelf in the den this week and quite enjoys pulling all the books off the bottom shelf.  She loves to point to things and have them named. She thinks as long as she says  please, she can get whatever she wants. It doesn't quite work that way around here. Katie loves to touch anything with buttons and anything that looks like a phone goes in her neck.

Katie is quite a goof and loves to play games, especially chasing games!  She gets quite rambunctious just before bed and when she's really tired she giggles at anything!

She gets upset at the least sign that I'm upset and she doesn't like it when Ben kisses me. Infringing on her territory?

We love her to bits as do her Grandmas and Grandpas, aunts & uncles etc!  She's a constant delight and is always making us smile!

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