Monday, September 26, 2011

Six months

So 25+ weeks pregnant; I've almost hit the six-month mark. Third trimester here we come!  I'm feel great these days and have a good amount of energy. I don't really need to nap in the afternoons anymore, but that will be back on the agenda soon enough. I've realized a few things though:

  • Running up the stairs two at at time doesn't really work so well anymore. I did just it this morning and then thought... hmmm... I think this is coming to an end for a while.

  • I need to be really thankful for the nights I don't get up to make a trip to the bathroom. I think I usually get up 4 out of 7 nights a week: not bad for being six months pregnant.

  • This baby is WAY kickier(is that a word?) than Katie was. Every morning I can lay in bed and watch  my belly move. I'm thinking...... boy?

  • I've started to waddle. Yes, it has begun.  It's not too bad provided I'm not trying to walk quickly. My problem is that I have symphysis pubis disorder. I just found out what it's called; before I just knew that I had pain. I had it with Katie, but not until closer to the end of my pregnancy. This time around it started at four months.  It pretty much hurts all the time, but I've just gotten used to it. It's more annoying than anything else.

  • I didn't just realize this....but I LOVE being pregnant! It's not without it's challenges, but seriously, feeling life moving around inside is so incredible! I seriously missed it after Katie was born and I would have phantom movements.... weird eh?

  • I am way more excited for this baby than I was for Katie. I think I just know how wonderful it is to have a newborn baby and of course with Katie I had no idea what to expect. I'm so looking forward to loving this baby and watching him/her grow!

  • I'm not really nervous for delivery, but every once in a while I get this, "Uhho, no turning back, what have I done?!?!" moment; thankfully they're usually shortlived.

I haven't taken any pictures since the one at 20 weeks; can you say second pregnancy?!?! Ben's brother is getting married next week so I'll try to remember to get one then when I'm all prettied up :P:P

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  1. I had that disorder too with Jude& Kezia, and it got so bad the last couple of months that rolling over and getting out of bed brought on tears. It took a bit of time post delivery to heal too. I hope it doesn't get worse for you.

    Running up the stairs two at a time made me laugh. have fun at the wedding next week.