Thursday, October 13, 2011


I went to my midwife appointment only to disover I am further along in this pregnancy than I thought.  I thought I was 27, maybe 28 weeks; turns out I'm 29. Huh... so that means, yes, 11 weeks. Say what? 11? One-One?  So 11 weeks to get ready? 11 weeks for Ben to finish Katie's new room? 11 weeks to pick paint colours, paint a crib, paint a dresser, choose room decor, move Katie to her new room and crib, get the baby room ready for a baby again? 11 weeks to finish my fall storing: making pies, meatballs, canning squash, and bake and cook for after the baby comes? 11 weeks to finish organizing the den, the catch-all room downstairs and life in general? hmmm..... I may be one of the few women who actually say this. It's no secret to many of you, but..... I hope this baby is late!

Funny how numbers work: 29 doesn't sound very far, but only 11 weeks left that's kind of scary.

Pride cometh before the fall. In my last update I "boasted" of having a good amount of engery. That stopped about two days later. No joke. Of course the fact that I got a cold a week later didn't help matters, but still. It was like a light switch and my body just turned it off. I'm back to napping at least every other day and constantly reminding myself that Rome wasn't built in a day.  Katie is such a good kid; really. I'm not just saying that. She will play in her playpen after breakfast which is usually about 8:00/8:30 until snack time at 10/10:30. She usually will go back in for another hour and and a half until lunch. She naps(or at least is quiet in her crib) from 1/1:30 until 4/4:30. She's out wandering around (if Ben is home) and then after supper she quite often goes back in her playpen until bedtime at 7:30. So really, hardly any work and yet it's still work. My mom, who is so wise, told me that even though I'm not paying attention to her all the time, everytime I change a diaper, feed her, talk to her etc it still takes energy. I try to remember that; I fail often though.

One more random thing: I've discovered and have become hooked on Pinterest.  So SO many cool ideas. My brain is being overloaded with creative things to do with pretty much anything! I could spend hours on there!  The problem is most of them just stay ideas..... ah well, C'est la vie





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  1. Hmm, so you might not get your January baby then? Hey, don't forget - you're not going to be an invalid after your baby is born, so you don't have to do everything now :0)