Thursday, November 24, 2011

21 months

Katie is almost 2! I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I have an almost-two-year-old and that she'll be a big sister in 6-8 weeks!

Katie talks. All day. Seriously. All day. In the form of questions. In a really cute high-pitched voice. She needs confirmation for pretty much everything. It goes like this:

Katie: Book? Book? Read it? Ya? book? book?

Me: Yes, that's a book. You can read it.

Katie: Ya? book? Read it? Oookaay! Ya.... read it.Puppy? Puppy read it?

Me: Is puppy going to read too?

Katie: Ya? Puppy?  Ookaay!

Sits down an flips through the book for a few minutes.

Katie: All done? Ya? All done book? Ya?

Me: Ya, are you all done?

Katie: Ya! Ookaay! way? Way?

Me: You want to put it away?

Katie: Ya! Oookayy!

And then she takes the book back, and gets another we repeat the process. Almost all of our conversations go like this. Thankfully she is in her playpen for at least two hours every morning and is in bed for at least three hours in the afternoon.

She has a HUGE vocabulary! For my own sake I'm going to write down a summary of things she says and knows so I won't forget as my mind is prone to do.

All her body parts: Head, feet, elbows, knees, toes, bellybutton, fingers, legs, arms, eyes, ears etc.

Fruit and many vegatables: bananas, apples, pears, peaches, oranges, peppers, carrots, beans, broccoli etc.

Aunts and uncles and adoptive aunts and uncles, cousins, kids in the church nursery, grandpas and grandma, opas and omas.

Rooms in the house and furniture: kitchen, couch, chair, den, playpen.

Lots of verbs: eat, walk, say, pray, sit.

She can walk backwards and does so a lot!

She wants "Niiicee cwem" on her bum at almost every diaper change.

She's starting to "flip" when I take her to the nursery at church or leave her anywhere.

She can recognize landmarks and usually knows where we're going: my parents, church, Ben's work, past Jumbo etc.

She can do small tasks like take something and put it in the garbage(a favourite thing to do), bring something to one of us.

She loves blankets and wrapping her stuffed animals and dolls in blankets and putting them to bed. She also "goes to sleep" on the floor frequently throughout the day with blankets.

She will mimick almost anything you say, not always well, but she'll try anyways!

She wants to use her fork and spoon herself.

She knows she's cute and is sometimes a showoff!

She has an amazing imagination(I think): she'll sit sideways on a chair, hold onto one of the back spindles, lean back and say "weeeeee!" pretending it's a swing.

She has a temper and is starting to show it.

She'll get mad at her toys or anything that doesn't go her way and say "No! No! No!" to them.

She usually has a smile for everyone and will wave and say Hi.

She is fighting bedtime with a passion.

She makes me laugh and smile too many times to count throughout the day.

She is such a blessing and we're thankful for every moment we have with her!


  1. Aww! I can't wait for Bee to start talking. I love little baby voices...sigh

  2. Well, of course she does all those things...She's the smartest grandchild around. I guess she takes after her grandparents!