Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Our dear friend, Corina came for a short visit at the end of October. She came down for a wedding and snuck in a quick nine-day visit with us. It was WAY too short, but she left with the promise to come back before too long.....maybe there's something significant happening soon that she'll want to come for?????

We took a trip to Toronto to visit CasaLoma: a castle built by a Canadian business man who had hopes of someday entertaining royalty. It's quite the estate complete with an under-ground tunnel to the stables which lie across a busy road. Here are a few pictures of our day. It was a cold, miserable day and we were glad most of it was spent inside.


The stables and garage. The single, male staff would have slept above.

The Great Hall, and Library. So much wood! The self-guided tour said that each day, while building was taking place, Sir Henry Pellatt would walk over the floor, if there was so much as a tiny squeak, he would make them relay that section of the floor!

Sir Henry and his wife's bed chambers(bottom and right), the formal sitting room(top left) and the hall(top middle).

We climbed, I forget how many, stairs to the top of one of the towers and were rewarded with a decent view of Toronto.

Just to prove we were there :-)

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