Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I have a miserable little girl here today. I'm not sure if she's trying to cut her last set of molars or if she's got a flu bug, but either way she is not a happy camper.  She's running a fever of 103 and has this sad, droppy, glassed-over look in her eyes. My poor little girl! I'm very thankful for these Beatrix Potter movies  We have the actual DVD collection; my sister bought them for Katie for her birthday last year. We haven't used them with Katie yet, and this seemed like a perfect time to pull them out. They're very well done, very restful, and easy to watch.  We had them growing up and they're just the perfect thing to watch when you're feeling sick.

**Updated** Ben took Katie to the hospital after supper tonight as her fever went up and she started getting the shakes and chills. She was really dizzy and couldn't stand up so well, so we figured it was an ear infection. The doctor confirmed it and said she had a massive inner-ear infection. She got antibiotics right away and more tylonel to help her fever down.  She's now in bed sound asleep!

a little blurry.....


  1. Aww... hope she feels better soon!!

  2. Awww poor Katie! Grayson has thrown up twice so far this morning and just wants to be with me! Hope Katie feels better soon.

  3. Poor girlie!! She's a little blurry today too. :)

  4. Poor little sweetie! I'm glad you got it figured out. I hope she feels better soon...a miserable girlie makes for a very tired Mama! Thanks for the info on Beatrix Potter. I'm going to check those out!