Monday, February 27, 2012


I didn't think I'd forget so quickly. Katie is only two and I can't remember her routine when she was a month old. So for the my faulting memory's sake, I'll write down Emma's "routine" so if/when we happen to do this again, I'll have something to jog my memory. I can't remember a lot of what I did with Katie. When did I start putting her upstairs for her naps? When did she start having regular naps? How long did she sleep for? When did I nurse her?

Mmm... where should I start? When does Emma's day begin, the middle of the night of first thing in the morning?

7/7:30am--wake, nurse, sleep

10/10:30am--wake, nurse, doze off and on

1:30/2pm--wake, nurse, awake off and on

4/4:30pm--nurse, awake off and on

6:30/7pm--nurse, awake

8:30/9pm--nurse, fuss

10/11--nurse, sleep

3:30/4am--nurse, sleep

Emma usually cries after she's put back to bed after nursing in the middle of the night. We don't usually get up unless she won't settle. A good 10-15 minutes of crying off and on is acceptable. For some reason I have no problem letting her cry at night, but it bothers me much more during the day. We got a free swing about a year ago(we never had/used one for Katie) and we brought it down from the attic a few weeks ago. It's saving my sanity. It's usually guaranteed to settle her during the day when I need to take care of Katie or just do my normal work. Emma loves to be held and will usually stop crying the moment she's picked. Yup! She already knows how to work the system!

I don't really feel like I've found my "groove" with Emma yet. And her schedule really isn't much of a schedule. Sometimes she sleeps longer, sometimes she's hungry an hour after I fed her; there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

She's suddenly developed a bit of colic too. Normally(stop reading here if you get grossed out easily) she just pukes up milk because she's too full or has a burp. But lately, she's been puking up chunky and seems to have an upset stomach. It's really only happening in the evening and I can't pinpoint it to anything I've eaten.

Katie slept from 10pm-7am when she was nine weeks old. Emma is eight weeks on Wednesday and is a far cry(haha) from sleeping through the night. I don't think we used any "tricks" with Katie: she did kind of did it by herself. Any of you moms out there have any tips? When did your kids start sleeping 8ish hours?

Emma is so different than Katie too! Katie was very calm a quiet(not that you could guess it now), but Emma is wiggly, and nosey, and strong! She's full of smiles these days though and gives the  most adoring looks. It's like she's saying "I love you" with her eyes and smiles. She likes to look at faces and gets bored fairly easily with her mobile.

We love her to pieces and can't imagine life without her!




  1. I was told that once they gain enough weight (like 10-ish lbs) they start sleeping through the night, Mikayla started to sleep 6-7 hrs at 8 weeks and by 12 weeks its was 10hrs.

  2. Heather,
    Sounds like Emma is her own little self. I find it takes 2-3 months to get into routine. My children slept about 8hrs at 8 weeks. They would nap on and off through the morning and go for a good 3-4 hr nap in the afternoon. Ahhh peace and quiet and lots of work getting done after my nap. You need those to get through the after school/dinner/homework days.
    Hope you are enjoying your time with two little ones at home because it goes very quick. I have been there and now I'm back there again after 5 wonderful/busy years. Maybe you will get there someday. Five is good.

  3. Heather,
    Sounds like Emma is her own little self. She is so adorable and looks like a very snuggly baby. Gotta love all the cuddles and smiles/giggles. My children usually slept about 9hrs at 9 wks. My children would nap on/off through the morning and have a good 3-4 hr nap after lunch. Ahhhh nice and quiet for the afternoon where lots of work gets done after my nap. Need those naps to get through after school/dinner/homework hours. Enjoy your time with just two little ones at home. I have been there and I am there again after 5 wonderful/busy years. Maybe you will be there someday.

  4. My daughter did not sleep 8 hours straight consistently until she was 8 months old. But she was VERY colicky and sad for those months. Once she started crawling it seemed that her system began to work more effectively and she slept so much better. Enjoy your girls!

  5. Just a thought, Heather, I also had a couple of kids that were very puky and more colicky than others. One thing I did try for the twins was I cut out all major dairy for the entire time I nursed them, no milk, no yogurt, no cheese. I didn't get picky about if there was trace amounts of dairy in other things I ate. This worked great for me! I don't know for sure that this was the reason, of course, but the twins were certainly the easiest babies I had and I nursed them together until 10 months. HOpe you're able to figure out something that works for you! Like I said, it's just a thought. (another one was orange juice)