Thursday, April 19, 2012

My two-year old, Katie

Some notes about Katie, our newly-turned two-year old. **I wrote this post back in February just after Katie's birthday.

  • We love her to pieces!

  • She has the most delicious giggle!

  • She's a pest and enjoys pesting us. She'll offer you a cheerio, start to give it to you and then quickly pop it in her own mouth. It's a very fun game to play!

  • She is very uncoordinated. She can only climb stairs on her hands and knees or if there is a railing and someone's hand to hold.

  • She has an amazing imagination: she'll pretend that there's snow inside and 'throw' it in the air.

  • She loves music and usually requests it several times a day and in the car.

  • She's kind of clutzy: she'll run too fast or turn around and just fall over.

  • She's a drama queen: she'll 'fall' over (which is really more like just sitting down) on purpose and then make a big deal about it and then, in this cute little serious voice, tell you that she fell.

  • She loves songs with actions and is quite good at them.

  • She can be a big suck and cry over silly things.

  • She has a temper and is impatient when things don't go her own way: ie, the blanket is crumpled and in her efforts to uncrumple it she crumples it more.

  • She's a goof and likes to show off.

  • She hates hair or little fluffies: she will pick a tiny little hair/fluff off her plate and give it to you.

  • She loves to be read too and would probably sit on my lap all day and read stories.

  • She has an amazing memory(I think) and remembers things from months ago. For example, over Christmas my Aunts and Uncles came down and we spent a few hours at my parents with them eating supper and chatting. My Uncle Walter and Aunt Marsha brought their little dog, Frodo along. Well just a weeks ago Katie suddenly started talking about Uncle Walter and Frodo at supper time. I guessed right away who she was talking about, but to make sure, we asked what he(Frodo) said. Katie responded with a "woof! woof!" She then proceeded to match up the correct Aunt with the correct Uncle. It's not like we see them very often either. The last time we saw them was in August. She'll also remember places or details from just one interaction. We went for a walk around the block and saw a backhoe(or excavator...something big and yellow don't ask me!) and the next time we went for a walk around the block she wanted to go and see it and actually went the right way!

  • She likes to be chased, but is sometimes really half scared. She knows it's a game and yet you can see this little glint of serious fright in her eyes.

  • She's very cautious: she wants to hold my hand to go over a little bump.

  • She's a mimicker. We really have to watch what we say around her as she'll just repeat it. She'll be in the kitchen, hear us say something, and then come running in the room repeating it. She also will mimick your actions--big time! Even when you think she isn't paying attention, she's noting it all down for future reference.

  • She usually always asks to read the Bible after meal-time.

  • She'll lie down on the floor a couple times a day with a blanket and stuffed animal and "sleep." It's like a powernap or something for her.

  • She's learning to eat with her fork, but still thinks her fingers are faster.

  • She's very observant, especially in the car and will point things out which I then have to search for.

  • She talks, but really do I need to tell you that?

  • She loves to help and brings things to the laundry, kitchen, bathroom etc for me. She'll also fetch for me when I'm nursing Emma, provided she can reach the object needing to be fetch :-)

  • I almost can't talk about her in front of her. She'll remember what she did/said and try to recreate it. Ok if it was cute, not good if was something naughty.

  • She still naps or at least is in her bed for 3ish hours each day. How long she actually sleeps I don't know, but she gets quiet time(and so do I) each day.

  • She makes us laugh with her antics and goofiness.

  • She LOVES showers and will ask for one if she hears it mentioned.

  • Is loved so much by all her Opas & Omas, Grandpas & Grandma, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins and friends!

Wow, this is a long post, but good for my faulty memory!


  1. How can she not be so amazing when the gene pool on BOTH sides of the family is great and versatile?

  2. Such a cutie! And a smart one too! Don't you just love the 3ish hours of quiet time? AnnaMae does the same, and it is lovely to be able to count on that time each day!! How's Katie doing in her big girl bed? We haven't switched AnnaMae over yet, but we're still thinking about it.

  3. I LOVE 3ish hours of quiet! I just need to get Emma so sleep that long in the afternoon too! Katie is doing great; just today was the first time she got out, but she said she fell so.... She was a little scared at first, but it pretty used to it now. Makes her so grown up though!