Monday, April 30, 2012

Nice, I mean Rice fun!

I coloured some rice for Katie to play with and so far.... great success! Oh, half of it is under her chair and she already tried to eat it once, but other than that, great fun!  The fact that she ate is payback for me saying to Ben after he asked why I coloured it, "well this way she won't think it's real food and try to eat it!" Sure enough, I had hardly put the container in front of her, walked to the kitchen for some buckets and she had put some in her mouth. She thought it was real rice I guess. Ah well, no harm done! I keep hearing, "oh no!" every time some falls on the floor.  I guess she'll get a lesson in sweeping when she's done :-) **Edit. I just cleaned it all up and only 2 tbsps of 4 cups was on the floor, not too bad! It always looks worse than it is.

I coloured about a cup of rice in each colour with just regular food colouring(enough drops until I was happy with the colour) and put it on a cookie sheet overnight to make sure it dried all the way.

So much more fun than regular rice! And now I know we won't accidentally eat it either! I can just put a lid on it and save it until next time!

Say Mom, this is kind of cool!

So far, she's been entertained for almost half and hour and she's not bored yet!


  1. What a great idea! You could hide plastic animals in it and get Katie to find them.

  2. What a brilliant idea!! ...and so much more fun then boring white rice :o)
    I love the vibrant colours!

  3. Heather, you are so creative!

  4. AnnaMae loves playing with "wice" too. I put a cookie sheet under her rice tub, which catches most of the accidental small spills. The rice looks very cute multi-coloured!

  5. Jude loves driving cars in rice too, and dry rice cleans up so much easier then sticky cooked rice :) I like the idea of colourful rice but I am not that fun.....white rice is all my kids get. Kudos to you Heather