Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Queeeult

So Katie was ready for a big bed. Gulp! My little girl is growing up! She just needed two things: a bed and blankets for on the bed. This is when creativity struck. I wanted to make a quilt for Katie's bed! I was inspired by my very talented mother-in-law a long-time quilter extrodianaire who had made this Crazy 8 pattern many times. It looked simple enough so I ordered the pattern and went shopping! Fabricland happened to have a 50% off sale when Corina was here in January, so she, my mom, and I went shopping and ended up with these lovely colours. I was a little nervous as to how it would look when it was all done, but suffice to say, I am VERY happy with the finished product! The quilt probably took me about six weeks total. I had to sneak in sewing when both girls were sleeping: an hour here, half an hour there. Then I hand quilted in each big block as well. There is a total of 80 blocks! Each block consists of a large block surrounded on two sides by smaller blocks. I have a new appreciation for quilters and the labour and love that goes into each quilt!

Fabric, washed and ready to cut!

We had Ben's old bed from when he was kid; it just needed a fresh coat of paint.

So put a new quilt and a freshly painted frame and voilá! a bed ready for a little girl. I love the colours; they're such 'Katie' colours!

Doesn't she look so big now? Katie was very excited for her new bed and quilt. She says 'quilt' so funny: Queeeult. Anyone who has heard her talk can just imagine her say it in her high-pitched little voice!

I love this little girl SO SO Much!


  1. aww! she is just adorable! Great job on the quueeelt!

  2. Love the queeeeelt and the girlie under it :). Beautiful job, heather!