Saturday, April 07, 2012

Three Months

I was going to write a two-month post a few weeks ago, but then realized there's not too much different from her one-month post, so I thought I'd just wait until now.

Emma's schedule is still much the same as before.

7:30/8am wake and nurse. She then sits in her bouncy chair. She's usually awake for a good hour before she falls back to sleep.
10/10:30 nurse Lies play in playpen until she falls asleep
1/1:30 nurse and sleep
4/4:30 nurse and play. She usually fusses more around supper, so the swing is just lovely!
6ish nurse and fuss
7:30/8ish nurse and off to bed
4:30am nurse(or 6:30 if she's feeling generous)

Emma loves her bouncy chair and actually kicks at the toys hanging down. Katie would just lie there and never really kicked, but Emma kicks a lot, so she usually hits the toys and actually bounces in the chair!

I just got her bumbo chair out a few weeks ago; she was a bit wobbly at first, but in the last week she seems to be ok in it for a little while.

She loves faces and people talking to her.  She's such a people person! She can be crying away in her playpen and as soon as you go and talk to her, she's just fine.

Emma is full of smiles. Katie was a good smiler, but I think Emma smiles even more and there's a real connection when she looks at you. It's like she totally understands what you're saying. So fun!

She's finally found her thumb in earnest now. She usually sucks it when she's falling asleep and sometimes just randomly too. It's funny though because sometimes she has trouble finding it and she'll get really mad and make really loud sucking/chopping noises accompanied by screaming until she finds it. She doesn't want any help, mind you, so we just have to let her find it on her own.

Emma is a crier; she'll just cry and cry for no reason at all. I can ignore it pretty well but it does wear on me after a while. The last couple days she's been much better; I think we may have turned a corner! Dare I hope?

Here are some pictures of our three-month old cutie pie! I couldn't pick just one!

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  1. wow she looks so much like Katie.