Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attic Dormer

Finally our roof is done! As in DONE! As in, never have to go up there again! As in, I don't have to watch with my heart in my throat as my husband is up on a 12x12 pitch with a 25'+ drop to the ground.

We bit the bullet and got our roof done this April. Ben wanted to do it himself, but without the proper equipment and time it just wasn't worth it(never mind the fact that I'd rather pay someone else to climb our roof than worry for more than a week about my husband way up there).  We got a great guy from London who works by himself so it was way cheaper than a crew. Katie took to him immediately and still talks about Heeearold up on da roof!  Harold was a little short on time so Ben actually took a few days vacation and worked with him(getting a bunch of $$ knocked off the price).

Harold was going to a job up north for a few weeks and left his roof jacks up as he didn't need them. They were in the perfect spot for Ben to finish up the work on the dormer and chimney. So in the last couple weeks ago he repointed the chimney, trimmed the windows, hung the eavestrough, sided and painted the dormer.
This is what it looked like when we bought the place. Lovely eh? The door on the attic was the fire escape for the attic apartment.
We closed it off the spring after we bought the place and it looked like this (more or less, but without the middle addition) until last fall when Ben put up some energy board instead of the Tyvek that had blown off. 
Finally! It's not ugly anymore! Ben just needs an elbow piece of downspout to connect into the eavestrough.
 We hope to cover our back mudroom with the same siding this summer sometime. The paint on the brick of second story we will have sandblasted off maybe next year or so. 

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