Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Five Months

Not too much time has passed since my Four Month post, but Emma seems to be doing much better! We started putting her down at 8ish at night and not waking her up for a dreamfeed. I figure if she's going to wake up at 5am anyways, I might as well be able to go to bed earlier. It seems to be doing the trick as she has been sleeping until 6/7 each morning. It's just lovely!  In my four month post I had mentioned she had started waking up again. I think part of the problem was that I stopped taking my Fenugreek and I wasn't quite letting her nurse long enough to get the hind milk. Things are much better now!

We're going to try some rice cereal in the next day or two. I tried some last week just because, but she wasn't ready for it.  So a few quick notes about my baby girl:

  • She loves to watch people!
  • Wearing cloth diapers, size two disposable when we go out
  • Nurses five or six times a day. (Finally no more 8-9 times!! I enjoy nursing, but not that much!)
    • Is a SUPER nosey nurser. Any suggestions?
  • Grabs at toys and can hang on to them pretty well
  • Loves faces, especially ones with beards
  • Naps from 9/9:30-10:30/11 and 1/1:30-4/4:30
  • Is always chopping on her hands
  • Sucks her right thumb
  • Is very smiley and chortles with delight
  • Is not happy laying in her bed when she wakes up. When she's done sleeping, she's done!
  • Loves being sung to
  • Does not like tummy time
  • Likes to stand
  • Is approximately 13?lbs
  • Is still wearing three month clothes: she's such a little peanut
  • Is bored easily and is on a regular rotation of bumbo chair, swing, playmat etc
  • Always wants to know what's going on
  • Will turn when her name is called
  • Is very close to rolling over 
  • Still has her little birthmark between her eyes 
  • Is loved greatly!

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