Saturday, May 19, 2012

Four Months

My little baby is four months! Part of me feels like it's too fast and the part is very happy she's reached this stage! It's been a longish four months. Emma seems to have turned a corner in the last week or two. She's sleeping longer at night, she's happier during the day and in general, just more content.  I was talking to Ben's cousin-in-law the other day and she mentioned that when her kids were waking up too early in the morning someone suggested to put them to bed earlier. She did and they started sleeping longer in the morning. I thought I'd try that with Emma and dream feed her at 10 instead of 10:30. Well I don't know if that's what did it, but she went from sleeping from 10:30-4/5/6 to 10-7/7:30! AMAZING! I tell you! Of course, now that I've written this, she'll read it when I'm not looking and go back to 4am! I think I'm less tired, but sometimes I wonder if it's just physiological and I just think I'm less because I know I've gotten full night's sleep with no interruptions. Either way I'm not going to knock it. **Ok, no joke. I wrote this post last week and never finished it. Since then Emma's been up between 3:30 and 4am for the past week or so. Ridiculous!

We've also started to have a bit more routine with Emma and slightly more scheduled naps. Her routine looks something like this(provided I don't sleep in, sigh.... is this a problem for any of you other moms? I wake up with intentions of getting up, lie back down for one more doze and wake up an hour later! Katie doesn't seem to mind at all and would probably stay in bed til lunch if I let her. Seriously, I did a big whoops a few weeks ago and slept in until 11AM! So bad! Emma was in bed with me because I had nursed her in bed that morning and Katie just played in her bed until I got her!) Anyways....
7/7:30 wake up and nurse
8:30/9:30 nap for an hour
10:30ish wake up and nurse
1/1:30 nurse and to bed
4/4:30 wake up and nurse
6ish nurse
7:30 nurse and off to bed!
10pm nurse and back to bed
I quite often have to put Emma in her swing to keep her happy if she thinks she's hungrier sooner.  She's a super fast nurser now; and rarely nurses longer than 10 minutes. She's also super nosy, so regardless of who is around I need to cover her up so she concentrates on the task at hand. I think it's her nosieness(is that a word?) that makes her so quick though, she doesn't want to miss anything.
She's started to really grab at toys and things that catch her eye. I think that was half of her problem before is that she wanted to grab stuff but didn't know how. I feel like we'll have the same frustration/challenge when she wants to start crawling and can't.  She's super strong and pulls herself up more into a sitting position when lying in her swing or bouncy chair.  She'll also contort herself to look at something she can't quite see. I'll upload a picture of this feat.
I'm also back on dairy, well almost. I eat everything, but I haven't dared to drink a whole glass of milk yet. I'm so thankful that was short lived; phew!  I figured out cheese has hardly any lactose in it(which is the problem) so I started eating that a few weeks ago. I've had cream in some dishes and milk in my tea and so far so good! I'm still staying away from coffee and citrus though. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but there have been a couple times that I've really really wanted some: coffee at my parents with slagroom and hagelslag, cheesecake on the side....(points if you know what slagroom and hagelslag are without googling it :-)

Emma had a checkup a few weeks ago and weighed 12lb 7 oz and was 25" long. Katie was almost exactly the same: 12lb 10oz a 25" long. For some reason though, I feel like Emma is much smaller than Katie: just a little peanut. It's probably just because Katie is so big now....

Emma is full of smiles and loves to look at new faces. We haven't got any giggles out of her, but a few gurgly squeals. I remember the first time Katie did a fullout laugh; we laughed and smiled so hard it brought tears to our eyes.  Babies' firsts are always so sweet.

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