Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday Take 2

I thought I'd better record the fact that I had a good Monday to counter last week's horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad  not-so-great day.

Emma had a wonderful nap this morning!
Katie played in her playpen for an hour plus allowing me to:
  • Bake koek
  • Make bread and get it rising
  • Put diapers in the wash
Katie then played outside fairly nicely allowing me to:
  • Hang diapers on the line
  • Plant marigolds around my veggie garden
  • Nurse Emma
  • Pound my bread
  • Do some emailing
  • Do some photo uploading
  • Wash the dishes
She ate her lunch in a reasonable fashion and went to bed without a hitch after her shower because she was so filthy from playing outside.

I did some more emailing, tidying. I folded diapers and listened to a broadcast while doing some handwork(yes with felt :-) I need to go and make a potato salad for supper to eat with our sirloin steak and caesar salad! 

Emma also went to bed nicely, but now is fussing. Me thinks she may have a surprise for me in her diaper since it's been..... about a week. I know, you're so glad I shared. You're welcome :-)

P.S. We're taking a break from potty training for a while. We'll give it another go later this summer, maybe, possibly, if I feel like it :-)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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