Thursday, June 21, 2012

This and that and then some

Just writing down some random memories over the last little while:

Laughing(quietly and discreetly) at Katie when she's standing in the corner for being naughty
Slobbery kisses from Emma
It's been a hard day when a dirty diaper makes me cry
Reading the clock in terms of how many more hours until my hubby comes home
Katie's fascination with stones and fear of anything that moves
Pregnancy chats with my sister
Diapers hanging on the line in the sunshine.
Katie answering a series of questions all in a row before we get the chance to ask them because she knows the routine.
Not being able to fall asleep all the way until Ben is home and in bed
Realising I haven't dusted in three weeks
A squirmy baby who gives the best smiles
Clean sheets on a bed
Katie arguing with her puppy
Feeling like a failure because my two-year-old isn't responding well to potty training
The feeling of a clean house
Morning routine of changing, dressing and feeding everyone breakfast taking an hour and a half.
Katie calling the vacuum "Daddy's Vacuum"
A husband who faithfully mows the lawn each week. (I haven't cut the grass probably since I was 17.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Heather -- I LOVE cutting the lawn! Something about the smell and the satisfaction :) LOL - and it gives you time to yourself :) LOL