Monday, July 02, 2012

June 2012

I think I'm going to try and summarize each month at the end of the month with some of the things that have happened. They'll be in no particular order with no particular significance. So here goes June!

We are super into eating cold cereal late at night. 9:30pm, ya I think I'll have a bowl of cereal. We're kind of mood food eaters that way. If I didn't have a menu plan, it would be 4:30 and I would still be trying to figure out what I was in the mood for. Speaking of meal planning. I'm still using this one. It's the longest a menu planner has lasted in this house!

Ben was in Dietrich and Jenny's wedding. It was fun, busy, and a lot of laughs. For some reason the day was less busy then when I was in Hanna and Ian's wedding. It might have something to do with the fact that men take slightly less time to get ready? Just a thought.

Ben has been working on the front porch stripping railings and sanding the new boards we put up last year. We hope to have a nice place to sit in a few more weeks.  The front out of house has been on our agenda for the last three years. Every summer we've had large goals of getting it all done, but it never quite happens. I think I can confidently say that THIS is the year it will be complete, or nearly complete.... nevermind. We'll probably finish it in 2015!

We celebrated ( and I use that word loosely) five years of marriage on June 2nd.  We're actually a little boring and did nothing. Ben bought me roses the following week, but other than that... yawn.... I'd still like to go out for dinner and a movie or something, but it gets more complicated with two kids one of whom needs to nurse before she goes to bed!

We are now church janitors as our previous janitors are moving away. It's a contract reviewed and renewed annually.  We're going to cut back on a few other areas in our life that were taking up time, so we will hopefully still have some time to relax and do house renos. We'll see how that goes.

We bought a little inflatable pool for Katie. She loves it and call it her "cool." Appropriately named I think. She goes in it almost every day. 

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