Thursday, August 09, 2012

7 months

Just some quick notes about my baby.

  • Weights about 14lb 6oz?
  • Is 27'' long
  • Loves her exersaucer
  • Fill her diapers frequently(I know you were all just dying to know that!)
  • Is almost too big strong for the swing
  • Will whine if I look at her as I walk by but don't pick her up.
  • LOVES attention and will get all excited and spazzy when someone pays attention to her after being left along for a while.
  • Loves her puppy and chews on its nose.
  • Is never in the same position when I get her out of bed and rolls all over the place
  • Is still a fussy nurser, but thankfully is very quick
  • Eats fruit and cereal for breakfast, veggies, cereal and fruit for lunch and supper
  • Still nurses four or five times a day
  • Is becoming a mommy's girl, which I kind of, actually, like. It warms my heart!
  • Can't sit up by herself; she's a little spastic
  • Smiles for everyone, huge eye-twinkling, make-you-feel-special kind of smiles
  • Loves to stand and will usually push back if she's sitting to try and get to standing
  • Is starting to play strange if others hold her. She's usually ok, until she sees me
  • Recognizes me, Ben, Katie and I think my mom too
  • Is still in size two disposable
  • Is my sunshine on difficult days with a two-year old
  • Is finally giggling, but it often sounds more like she's starting to cry
  • Likes to grab faces
  • Still has THE cutest birthmark right between her eyes(see it above?)
  • Is loved more and more each day!

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