Friday, August 17, 2012


Ok, be prepared for picture overload! Seriously, I have WAY too many pictures on this post. I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.
This was Katie within minutes of arriving. She was FILTHY! I was actually amazing how much cleaner she stayed when we started put socks and shoes on her instead of sandles.
 The first day we went to MBC to see the rest of Ben's family who were all up there. We couldn't be the ONLY ones not there! We had a lovely, relaxing day with them and we were sad to leave them all.
 Can you just imagine these girls when they're 15, 16?? 

Making pie irons. Yum!
 This was hilarious! Katie sitting on her butt(she sat down in the lake and then in the dirt: lovely!) and Charity would just come and give her a drink of water.
 Back at our campsite. Katie stayed much cleaner when we put an old canvas tarp on the ground for her to sit/play on.
 Collecting acorns. Is it just me, or are there not a lot of Oak trees in SW Ontario?

 Love this one!

We went for a walk around "The Beaver Pond" Not a beaver or dam in sight, but it was a nice walk.

Oh Hi Emma... hi... hi..... is dis your hat? Ya? ya?  Anyone who knows Katie can just imagine her one-sided conversation :-)
The best we could get with a self timer.
The mosquitoes were TERRIBLE! This girl looked like she has chicken pox! We had bug spray on, those coil smoker things and still they bit!

  Ben did almost all the cooking and most of it over the fire.
Mmmmmm.. Bacon!
 Katie woke up two nights. The first night she woke up from acorns falling on the trailer and she wouldn't go back to sleep. We finally got up at 6am. We didn't know what to do, so we figured we'd just go to the beach. The beach was a 10ish minute drive, plus a half hour+ walk to a decent beach. The lake wasn't the greatest to swim in. The first four feet was nice, but then it got stoney and not pleasant to walk on. Suffice to say we didn't go to the beach after that, and so I have no beach pictures. Anyways, we were at the beach for probably 45 minutes and then went home. We were back at our campsite at 10:30 wondering what to do and feeling like going home.
The second time Katie woke up, she kept crying, so first Ben crawled in beside her for a while then gave up and I did. It was NOT very comfortable as she was lying sideways on the bed so the length of the bed was about 4 feet. I managed to curl myself around her, but still.... Eventually she did settle and I could go back to my own bed. We were up pretty early each morning: that's camping with kids!   I wouldn't say it was a terrible camping trip, but it wasn't the relaxing week we were hoping for. Ah well, we need some stories to tell our kids when they're older!
 We brought a large tent (an extra from the cemetery) and it was perfect for putting all our extra stuff under. It didn't rain at all, but it would have saved our butts if it had!

 We toured around Discovery Harbour for an afternoon. The girls were pretty cranky by the end, but it was fun.


This was in the barracks. I can't imagine sleeping in a hammock every night with less than a foot an half beside me and maybe two feet above and below!
 In the Master Carpenter's shop, there were lots of tools to try out. Ben couldn't resist the challenge.
 Katie was slightly tired/grouchy while we were packing up.....
 I was worried about how Emma would "behave" while we were camping, but I was pretty surprised. She was actually better than Katie sometimes! Katie didn't love camping. She asked almost every day to go home. I think it was just the change in routine, not a normal nap schedule, waking up in the middle of the night....
 Before we went home.
The tradition lives on!

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