Friday, August 03, 2012

July 2012

Here goes my monthly recap/update/babble....

July was a bit of a blur. It was super busy and I think we paid for it all the end.

The last week of July we were all sick, like spend the day in our pajamas sick. Ben took a half day from work and we sat on the couch watching the Olympics.

We have completed one month of church cleaning(well we were gone for a week, so I guess technically not quite a complete month). It's gone really well though. Summer is a great time to ease into it. The calendar is pretty much blank, Sunday school isn't on; it's just nice and slow. I actually don't mind going and cleaning. Belinda, you can ask me in a year what I think :-) Ben vacuums the sanctuary on Friday mornings before work. We usually go on Thursday nights after the kids are in bed. My sister Hannah, comes and watches the kids a movie at our house and Ben and I go to clean together. Sometimes we run an errand or two after as well.  Maybe it's because we have two little kids and never go anywhere by ourselves, but it's almost like a date night for us. Weird I know.

We went camping for six nights to Awenda Provincial Park. I still have to do a separate blog post on that. There are a lot of pictures to sort through and choose from.

We are watching a fair amount of the Olympics. We're not diehard fans, but we like to watch a few things here and there and keep track of the medals Canada is winning.

Kattenbergs came for a visit. You can see some pictures from their visit in this post.

Ben was installed as deacon last Sunday. The elders and deacons in our church serve a five-year term. Katie will be seven, and Emma will be five by the time he's done. Crazy! He had his first meeting last night and was voted in as Secretary.

Our front porch is ALMOST done. Ben is just finishing the railings for the stairs and then we're done. The only thing we fighting with is the pine floor boards which are oozing sap in the sun. There are tons of sticky spots and the sap sticks to your feet. One of our neighbours suggested we scrape it off and shellac it. We'll probably give that a try in the next week or so.


  1. Haha, Heather. I will ask you in 6 years. It's called the 6 year cleaning itch! (O:

  2. 5 years is an incredibly LONG term! I guess I had never really paid attention to that in all my St. Thomas FRC years!

    Can't wait to see how the front porch looks when it's done! :)

  3. Our date nights consist of doing finances together once a month...I'm not sure who wins the award for best dates :-) 5 years is super long. Thankful for God's grace for our men!