Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Katie's New Room

Well, since Katie is the oldest she gets everything new(or newest) and therefore a new bedroom. Since her old room is the perfect size for a nursery and because of it's ideal location(right next to our room) it stayed the nursery and Katie moved to a room at the back of the house.  Ben started on this room back in the fall and completed it in about a month.

Let me tell you, I have one talented husband!  Most the renos were pretty standard this time around: new windows, new drywall, trim etc. There were a few new items on the list this time around.

1. Resizing the back window
  • Cutting the brick back to it's original size(it had been bricked in for a doorway at one point during someone else's renos)
  • Bricking up half a dozen rows to put the window above the roof line.
  • Pouring a window ledge out of concrete to match the rest of the house
2. Building a bulkhead
  • Alter the existing furnace ducts for better flow
  • Install steel studs from the ceiling
3. Installing carpet(this was the big one!!)
  • Installing new tackstrip and underpad
  • Cutting out the carpet to size
  • Kicking in the carpet (which was tricky considering all the different crevices and angles)
Some before and afters


 What the room originally looked like: the door on the left led out to a kitchen(which was above our current mudroom) on the second floor.
 We took off the kitchen and put a roof on and then Ben bricked up the bottom of the door just past the roof line.
The previous owners had bricked in the side of the opening to make it smaller for a door. We wanted it back to it's original size and so cut out that section of brick. 
Another original

 These pictures go from left to right, around the room.
 What you see when you walk in the door. My next project is supposed to be curtains as the blinds don't keep any light out. I'm a little scared to make them, hence the procrastination. We currently have a lovely pink blanket hanging up.
 I'd like to make a built in desk of sorts in that little nook. It's too shallow for clothes to hang in, but for now it does the trick.
 Standing on Katie's bed. There's a funny little jog to get into her room as we bumped out the bathroom to make room for our big tub.  Those little plaques on her dresser are supposed to be hung on the wall eventually, but I'm not exactly sure where and how to arrange them, so they just sit there for now.  The dresser will get a coat of paint hopefully this summer.
   That's it! Not bad for a month's work eh?

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  1. Wow! It looks great, Heather! Good job, Ben! :)
    How does Katie like her new room?