Thursday, September 06, 2012

A visit with Charity

Cousin Charity came to play with Katie yesterday. They had lots of fun playing outside, reading, playing dolls, "sleeping" and having a tea party!


  1. Sooo much cute!! Did they set up the tea party themselves?

  2. Katie cracked me up at the park this morning. We had a little chat about her adventure. It was cute, but she also told me she's never going to cross the street again.
    And every time she wanted aunt Amanda to look at her doing something neat she would yell "mom! Mom! Mooooooommmm!". She is so funny.

  3. How fun. I missed out on growing up with cousins (they all lived in Holland), and you missed out when we moved out west. What a blessing for all thoses families that are able to worship together as well as play with extended family!

  4. Charity told me today "I stand in da co'ner at aHeathzer's house" :-) Too bad you didn't get a picture of that!