Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We had lots of company over this month! So much fun to visit with friends and family. I've learned something too. The more generous you are with your hospitality, the easier it gets! I have to confess I have a hard time not being stingy and think, "how much is it going to cost to feed ALL these people?" And it's true, when you're on a budget, you do have to be smart about what you serve, but that should not be the main focus of my worries when we invite people over. It's something I think I'll always have to fight against. This article was sent to me by a friend and I found it quite helpful.

Ben helped out with Boys & Girls Club this year. It was a busy week and we all missed him! The girls missed him especially as he was only home for an hourish before going to the church. He missed the girls too as he only saw them for an hour each day most of which was taken up with supper.  It did work out well that he was there helping, as the church needed a quick clean after each evening.

I haven't done much canning this year. We still have peaches, pears and tomato stuff from last year. We did relish again this year and I canned straight tomatoes. I've done a bunch of different jams too. We still hope to do pickles this year. If we can find apples, we'd like to do applesauce in the fall.

I found a grey hair on Ben's head. Right on his temple, which is, I grant you, a very distingued place to get grey hair, but nevertheless! A grey hair! I even yanked out one of my own hairs for comparison. My hair was gold, reflecting in the light. His hair...... not so much. Anyways, in case you look for it next time you see him, you won't find it..... I yanked it.

We've been dealing with a skunk all summer. We're pretty positive he/she/family lives under our garage. Most evenings when we sit outside we have to go in at dusk when he comes out. He probably sprays at least once a week... not so fun.

I've been super busy preparing for the upcoming Sunday School year. I make the schedule and little memory books for each child. I also make worksheets for the older two classes. I was just asked to be Chairman so that adds another whole dimension to the work. I enjoy it though so that makes it much easier!

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  1. Have you still got the skunk living under the garage? Doesn't sound like much fun at all -- here is a website with suggestions on when and how to persuade him/her/them to move elsewhere.

    Hopefully ...not to your neighbours!