Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Katie has managed to get away with very few bumps and scrapes this summer. So far, no need for those Strawberry Shortcake Bandaids I bought in May and paid WAY too much for. But the week before last, Katie did a nice number on her knee and because there was blood, she got a bandaid!

Just an aside here. Those Strawberry Shortcake bandaids I paid way too much for: what a waste of money! The actually part of the bandaid that's supposed to cover the hurt is less than 1"x.5" Seriously, what kid has ever had an owie that small? The rest of the bandaid is big enough, but the non-sticky, protective part... sure just make that minuscule so when you have to take it off, half of the adhesive is stuck to the roadrash. Ok, I'm done venting now.

I ended up putting a great big bandaid on and stuck a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid over top. It worked just great and Katie was very proud of it. Actually she really didn't notice that pain that much until I took it off the next morning and she cried and cried. She then went limping away, stopped and asked me to carry her. I couldn't help laughing, she was just so forlorn. She limped off and on through out the day and we definitely heard a lot about her owie.

Here are a few pictures to document the event.

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