Monday, September 10, 2012

Emma at 8 months

Not too much has changed since Emma's 7 month update.

  • Can sit by herself now, but will tumble occassionally. 
  • Is SUPER sensative. Ridiculously so. 
    • If she barely hurts herself it's the end of the world and she bursts into tears.  
    • If you walk by and don't acknowledge her, she's so offended she bursts into tears. 
    • If you try and "force" her to do anything (move her head, hand etc) she's so hurt that you would be so cruel, she bursts into tears.
    • Thankfully her tears are usually short-lived, but usually needs significant comfort to be ok again.
  • Weighs 14lb 11oz. She's gained 10 oz since July 26. She's a peanut!
  • Loves being outside!
  • Is a fussy eater
  • Is a totally Mommy's girl. 
  • Is taking her sweet time cutting her two bottom teeth. 
  • Reaches out her arms if she wants to go you. Love it!
  • Does NOT like being on her tummy, but hasn't figured out how to roll back. 
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo
  • Has figured out to make razzing noise/bubble blowing
  • Is called "CrankyPants" many times a day.
  • Is a total Love!


  1. Crankypants?!!! The pictures say a different story;) She looks like a sweetie! We're doing the bottom two teeth right now too - almost done though and it wasn't too long and drawn out so I'm thankful for that.

  2. We love our little peanut...cranky pants or not!