Saturday, October 20, 2012


How to attract your two-year-old in 8 easy steps.

1. Find out where your child is.
2. Determine that she is playing happily and completely absorbed in her toy.
3. Walk away quietly.
4. Do a small task such a rinsing dishes, or tidying.
5. Listen and hear your child continuing to play
6. Go to the bathroom
7. Take 2 minutes to close the door so it doesn't squeak or click when it's closed.
8. Sit down

By the eighth step, your child, regardless of what she is doing or where she is, will coming running and start whining on the other side of the door.

9. Finish what you started
10. Resolve never to try and go to the bathroom again while your kids are awake.


  1. The effect is brought about by the need to make a phonecall. In my experience it has brought a 10 yearold in from playing in the back forty. Lesson: important calls can only be made after your children have left home. ;)

  2. I like that! and I agree completely - showers are another to add to the list (though that kind of goes with the bathroom theme!)

  3. hehhe. funny!...or open a bag of chips. :O)