Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012

As I type this while eating my breakfast which has 4% milk in it because we ran out of our 2%(something about eating fruitloops at 10pm last night) Katie has hollowed out a side of her banana to make a boat. Between that and flapping her arms and pretending to be a bird, breakfast is taking a while.

This week is busy with finishing up 3rd quarter finances for Word & Deed and trying to keep my house running relatively smoothly. It's so easy to become totally involved with work and forget that I still need to put supper on the table. Crockpot meals are good these days.

Katie is up these days between 5am and 7am usually having to go the bathroom. Have I mentioned I LOVE having a potty-trained kid? especially since Ben usually takes her first thing in the morning. There are a few moments when it's inconvenient, but that's life in general. Anyways, she normally will go back to bed, but staying in bed is the problem. We bought her an alarm clock so she can get out of bed when it goes off, but that has only worked a few times.

Emma is a changed child. She's happier, more content, sleeps better and is gaining weight! She's all of a sudden big! My baby is gone and a little girl two months shy of 1 year is in my house. She is still demanding, but it's a more livable demanding... if that makes any sense.

Life is busy and a good week consists of two nights home together. That seems to be happening once a month. Between Catechism every Tuesday, Ladies Bible Study, Deacon and Consistory meetings, church functions and odd things that come up here and there, our calendar is pretty full.

We ate some of our pickles on Sunday. They were delish! Good flavour, crunch, Yum!

Katie is starting to draw. Not just scribble randomly, but draw with purpose. She actually doesn't do half bad. It's so fun to watch her little fingers create. She holds her pencil like a model pupil and actually has ever since she starting "colouring."

We put 40 bags of carrots in the freezer on Saturday; it was a very good haul from our garden!

I'm excited for the energy savings time to change. Up til today, mid-peak is until 11am, so I have to get my laundry done before that. Tomorrow it's from 11am-5pm which means if I'm gone in the morning or if I forget, I have all afternoon to finish.

But I'm not looking forward to time change. I like the fact that it'll get light earlier and dark earlier, but I'm nervous for what it will do to my kids. In the spring, I thought, no big deal, but I got quite the opposite. Maybe it'll be different because we get an extra hour instead of loosing an hour? We shall see.


  1. Is it the bottle that makes such a difference with Emma?

  2. Dailight savings is the bane of my existence (that may be a slight exaggeration). But still. It stinks. Glad Katie is potty trained and Emma is happier. Sounds like you had a good October :).

  3. I think the bottle is the difference with Emma. Nothing else has changed at all....