Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Quiet Book

This is the latest project I finished. A quiet book made of felt for Katie to "quietly" play with. So far, she loves it. Some of the pages are a little too old for her, but she'll grow into them. Just incase any of you think I may have quickly whipped this off one afternoon. I didn't. I have been working on this, off and on since last October. Yes, October. All in all, I probably spent at least 20 hours, tracing, cutting, ironing, sewing etc. I'm glad to be done! Hopefully it lasts. I think I would cry if it got wrecked within a year.  I got a bunch of pages from this website and the rest from an old magazine my mom had on quiet books.

I made a denim cover for the pages, secured with velcro.
 Katie's a little young to tell time, but when the time comes (haha) this will come in handy!

 Button the flowers on the stem. There is a slit cut in each flower.

 Dress the girl. Do you see she even has clothes for Holland? Hup! Holland Hup! This is probably Katie's favourite page.
 Four seasons. The leaves and flowers snap on and off and are stored in the pouch below. (Yes I know, Ben pointed out, according to the foliage, I have three different kinds of trees!)
Open the barn and find finger puppets!

 Weave the tennis racket.
Drive the car!(see it peeking out of the garage?) The road signs come off and can be moved around.
 Lace the football.
 Learn to count.
 Make the puzzle.
This is last page in the book. Check the mail! 


  1. awesome book! I really think the WEAVING page is the most important ;) But, then maybe I have a hidden agenda (a grandchild who will use a loom?)

  2. My favorite is the season's page!!! Wowsa! beautiful book!!!!!

  3. Heather - Amazing book by a loving and creative mom!
    Great job!

  4. Wow Heather! That looks like a ton of work - but amazing! I'd be scared to let my kids look at it . . . which kind of defeats the purpose eh?! Fantastic job!