Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rag Quilt

When I made Katie's quilt last year, I had leftover bits of batting that were just too good to throw away. I found this really cool idea to use up bits of batting in a rag quilt. I used leftover bits of flannel and picked through my mom's stash of flannel too. I cut a square here and there as I had time and did the same with the sewing. Although towards the end, I did kind of just sit down and sew all the blocks together. Then came the snipping. It took me about two hours, I know, because I watched Little Women(which is two hours) while I was doing it. :-)  Here is the result:

This is unwashed; it's much fluffier now.

Just a fun quilt for the girls to lay on and/or snuggle under and the best part? It was all leftovers, except for the thread.

By the way, those Roman blinds I'm supposed to sew for Katies room.... they're still waiting. I'm just too scared to try.

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