Thursday, October 04, 2012


We made pickles this month. It took me, with Ben helping fill jars, about four hours. We picked a greenbin full of cukes and got 40 quarts and they all sealed! Now we just have to wait three or four months to eat them! Talk about self control!

Ben has been working on the garage like mad!(no, the front porch isn't done yet: only one more coat of paint!!) Our garage took over on the priority list because it was falling over and needs to be finished before the snow flies.

Every Saturday this month has been busy with company/babyshower/weddings etc. I'm dreaming of a relaxed Saturday, just doing some work, and I emphasise some, not loads, just some work around the house, having a relaxed coffee, going for a walk, spending time as a family..... maybe in a month or so....

We went to a family reunion for Ben's Groeneweg side of the family. It was fun to see so many people and amazing to know there are 392 people in the clan!

Ben and I were sick, again. We had some weird stomach virus/flu with headaches, nausea and other not-so-great parts.  Katie and Emma seemed to have been spared, although they just came down with colds. Better than the flu though!

We're looking forward to cool nights and days and Katie asks almost every day if it's winter yet. She desperately wants to build a snowman with Daddy.

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