Wednesday, November 07, 2012

New Sheets

This girly has been dry during naps for a few weeks(with a little hiccup in the middle) and at night for over a week. She was rewarded with new, cozy, flannel sheets on her bed. She was rather pleased to say the least :-) She also now wears underwear to bed!

My mom had a piece of waterproof hospital sheeting (which you can also buy at Fabricland now) and that's under her sheets. She has quite the layers: waterproof sheeting, mattress cover/protector, which is just a queen-size flannel blanket folded in half, a undersheet and her top sheet. This way, no yucky, crinkly, sweaty plastic under her sheet. I was tempted to crawl in with her!
This is what I get when I tell her to smile.

My big girl! She's such a love!



  1. So cute, Heather! She's growing up! :)

  2. Please tell Katie I love her sheets :)

  3. Ahhh, what a big girl! It is nice to "see" her! (o:

  4. Good job Katie!!! What an exciting milestone for you :0)
    Heather, where did you get those sheets? I love them, and they would match my girls purple room perfectly. I might copy you if you're ok with that :0)

    1. I got them at Zellers on sale a few weeks ago. I don't mind at all; Katie wouild be thrilled to have matching sheets with your girls!