Friday, November 02, 2012


I found these poems from Gr 11 English in a box of stuff. Amusing to read them eight years later.

Be Strong

How you could be so strong
And hold on for so long?
I know if I was where you lie
I would give up the world and die.

Although the hurt you did not show
The pain you had inside I know
When you looked up with troubled eyes,
It took all I had, not to cry.

Softly, suddenly you were gone,
I wished that I could go along,
Be by your side where ere you go
I’d never leave, I’d stay, I know.

I will go on as best I can
I must be strong, I bravely stand,
If you were here you would be proud,
I’m not afraid, I speak aloud

I tell them of the light you shed,
It is so strong ‘en though you’re dead,
The light you gave, the light that shone,
I promise you it will shine on.

My Appendix

Oh what a great thing it was to have,
So small and hidden away,
Beneath the layers of skin it hid
Until that fateful day

That morning when I was so sick,
My fever quickly climbed
Again, again I vomited
All that I had inside

Then all at once I was asleep
As still as stone I lay
And when at last I did awake
My appendix had gone away

Oh how I miss that piece of me
Its loss is greatly felt
It did not leave a business card
No, nothing but a welt

The War of Eighteen Twelve

Eighteen twelve was the year of the war
We did not know what was in store
They called for many volunteers
We said “good-bye” to loved ones dear

It soon was Papa’s turn to go
And off he went to fight the foe
He stood so tall and fought so brave
Fighting for freedom for the slaves

Alas he could not read, nor write,
He could not do much else, but fight
He sent us news by word of mouth
How he was faring in the South.

We heard of many men who died
And on the bloody field did lie
Then word was brought that drew a tear
The war, it took my Papa Dear

PS I had my appendix out in Gr 11, so it was a rather fitting ode. Hehe!

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