Monday, November 19, 2012

Sick=good cuddles

Emma ran a fever a few weeks ago. She had her fever from about Friday through to Sunday; it ran pretty high on Saturday night, but we managed to get it down with tylonel and just undresssing her. Her fever broke on Sunday and she got a rash on her tummy and back. I'm thinking roseola??

Extra special as this girl is NOT a snuggler!


  1. Yup, that sounds like roseola. The rash will probably continue to spread down her legs and up to her neck and maybe even her face. Felicity had it around this time last year and she was pretty miserable. Hopefully, it clears up quickly.

  2. She actually only ended up having it on her torso; that was two weeks ago, and it cleared up nice and quick! Katie had it in the Spring with the same thing, thankfully also short-lived!