Tuesday, December 04, 2012

11 Months

I can hardly believe Emma will be 1 in a month! How fast did that go?

Things are pretty much the same as last month. She is moving around more and is working on crawling. She does a bit of army crawling, mostly backwards, but she's getting there. She's also really making an effort to get from sitting to her tummy though. While she's still "behind" the norm, she's further ahead than Katie was! And I am perfectly content to have her just sit and play. It would be nice to have her walking by next summer, but really... not that big of a deal.

Emma LOVES bananas just like Katie did and still does. She gets all excited when I ask her if she wants a banana in the morning. She usually gets half or two-thirds of one every morning.

She learned how to wave a few weeks ago: cutest thing ever! We're teaching her how to say "please" in baby sign. It was so nice to have Katie know it and it was an easy transition to her actually saying "please."

 She still hasn't cut her two top teeth. They're sitting just waiting, these little bulging mounds. Emma hasn't been too cranky with them, but she has her days.

She loves to play Peek-a-boo! She'll hide in my shoulder or behind something and wait for someone to play with her. So fun! 

 I love this one. It's like she's having a good joke or something!

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