Monday, December 17, 2012


My Mom, Hannah and I went up to see Dexter and his Mommy & Daddy on Saturday night. We met Angelina there too. I didn't get pictures of the three of them, or even of Christina. She was a wee bit tired so was in bed for the majority of our visit. We got a lot of snuggles with Dexter though!

Meet Dexter. Isn't he just the yummiest?
Snuggles with Grandma
I love looking at new babies and deciding which features are from which family!
Dexter was just gearing up to cry, but never got that far. Too many aunts to snuggle him.
He made some goofy faces!
tante Lien
Babies... can't you just look at them all day?
Proud, tired, helpful Dad :-)
This kid has the biggest hands and feet. In the hospital he was compared to a puppy who has big paws!
He was just SO snuggy!

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