Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyday pictures

 Kara and Charity were over for the day. They all needed snuggles on the floor.
 Watching the train go around and around and around.
At the end of supper on night, Emma was trying to get the potholder to stay on her head. She did suceed a few times and was slightly pleased with herself.
 The only picture I got before she pulled if off again.
 I gave Katie a haircut last week. Just a trim of the longer bottom layer. Her hair was starting to look mulletish. That is style that should never be repeated. Now her hair is more one length so it'll grow out much more evenly.
Reading and snuggles are the best!
 Katie wanted to carry her puppy on her back in a backpack. Her stepstool did the trick!

Look Mommy! I'm just like you! I put my feet on the table!

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