Monday, December 03, 2012


Katie has been listening to Steven Green a lot! I found his two "Hide Them in Your Heart" CDs at our church library and she LOVES them. I hear her singing the songs around the house and I quite often catch myself singing a song or two. When I think about it, they words really end up really applying to my situation or thoughts at the moment.    

The garage is done for the winter! Evenings are full and Saturday are limited, but he was finally able to finish it on Saturday. We still have more work to do next summer, but at least it's ready for the winter.  We're greatly indebted to our neighbours who have been storing most of our "garage' possessions in their garage. Ben was able to clear almost everything out and back into our garage until next summer.

I couldn't wait until December first(which is usually my timeline) to put up my Christmas decor. We got our Christmas tree on Saturday. It was so fun setting it up with Katie who is loving everything Christmas!

I bought a hair cutting kit and cut Ben's hair for the first time. I was pretty nervous but I think I did an alright job. Ok, I'm actually pretty pleased with how it looks. Not too shabby for a first time!

And speaking of hair, I have been doing this method of hair cleaning for the last couple months. It started off really well and then I hit a yucky spot where my hair got really dry but also greasy. It was weird, but I kept going and used just a bit more of the "conditioner" and now my hair is SO much nice than before. It doesn't get greasy as fast, has less tangles, and doesn't get as frizzy as before. I don't know if I'm over the "worst" of it though. My hair does have a different feel to it sometimes, almost a little greasy, but not. I don't really know how to explain it. Anyone else have any feedback on doing this hair cleaning method?

You know how I said I was looking forward to the Smart Meter Mid-peak changing from 7am-11am and 5pm-7pm to 11am-5pm. I changed my mind. I much prefer starting my laundry first thing than later in the morning than after lunch when I’m much more likely to forget about!

I made meatballs. 10lbs into 14 bags of 24 meatballs each.  I precooked them before I froze them, so they’re ready to eat once they’re thawed and heated. They’re super handy for soup, spaghetti, or just for eating!


  1. I did a long stint of the baking soda and vinegar method a while back. It worked really well, but I did get to the "doesn't feel quite clean" stage as well. I ended up going back to regular shampoo, more for the convenience than because my hair felt dirty. I do the baking soda and vinegar method every so often to clean up the shampoo residue and I keep a spray bottle of pure apple cider vinegar in the show as my regular conditioner. A few sprays and a rub through and a rinse and I'm good to go.

  2. Bethany does the shampoo-less method. Last I heard it worked great for her. But maybe you have to have a specific type of hair for it to work well.
    Good job on the hair cutting front. Justin's mom still cuts his hair. I will never attempt it, lol. I am good at buzzing heads -- that's it!!
    Oh, and my kids LOVE Steve Green. Sue Koopman gave me one of the CDs at Emily's baby shower. It is the only gift we are still using almost 6 years later :)

  3. I've thought about trying the no-shampoo thing, but forgot about it again. I'd love to pick your brain after you've done it for longer :)