Monday, January 07, 2013

A Little Birthday Party

I felt guilty all weekend that I hadn't done a thing, a single thing, for Emma's birthday. I said Happy Birthday and that's it! I even had a gift for her, but it sat unwrapped, upstairs! Ben took a half day off on Friday and he and my brother worked on our fireplace (which is looking amazing!) until after the kids were in bed.  The dining room was in chaos and so was the rest of the house.  The opportunity for something special just wasn't there. Saturday was busy with running errands and Ben had to work in the afternoon. So yesterday I was feeling really guilty. My poor child! No birthday party, no gifts. What kind of mother am I!?!??!

So last night we had a little party for her.


 A quiet book from Mom

 She had lots of practice opening presents at Christmas. She knew just what to do!
 Bill Peet books!

 I'm not a huge "cake smash" person, but Emma is a fairly messy eater, so I figured I might as well let her get good and messy!
 To say she liked would be an understatement!
Pretty sure I put some down there for later!
How could you not love that face?!?


  1. This made me smile and increased my guilt about the fact that Grace's 2nd birthday went quite unnoticed. I don't have one picture and we didn't even do a cake! (O:

    Happy birthday to your sweet Emma!

  2. LOVE the book you made for Emma!
    LOVE the smiles of both girls!
    You are very Blessed.