Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Quiet Book

And this is Emma's quiet book. I actually finished it this past Spring, so it wasn't quite as bad as Katie's book. Anyways, this one is entirely hand sewn. It was a fun hand-sewing project and I love how it turned out. And incase you think I came up with this idea by myself.... no way. I totally copied another one I found online. Credit goes to Emily over here. I just gave this to Emma for her birthday. She's kind of a chew-on-everything baby so I wanted to wait a bit! 
Love this Monkey!
 Fish spins and snaps off and on.
 Alligator with zipper teeth.
Lion has lots of different textures for baby's hands.
Butterfly's wings can flap.
Frog catches flies.
 Sleepytime Owl. This is my favourite page!


  1. So cute! Especially the owls. :)

  2. You are crazy talented.., that book is beautiful!

  3. This is amazing Heather! What a ton of work, but such a special gift for Emma :)

    From Jannyne