Saturday, January 05, 2013


Ben, Hannah and I made 200 croquettes on night, the week before Christmas. I had cooked the turkey during the day and Ben spent half an hour deboning it when he got home from work. Hannah came over after supper and we spent about two hours, mixing, rolling, dipping and defrying. It worked really well with three people and we were always busy, but not trying to do five things at once! We've been eating them a lot and bringing them to family functions; quite a handy thing to have in the freezer!



  1. I make my own, but always use stewwing beef. Would love to have your turkey recipe!

  2. I've only used a beef roast to make croquettes. How do you make turkey ones? I would love to have your recipe!!

  3. mmmm... i really want to make a bunch of croquettes. Maybe I will be able to do it before the winter is over! Yours look delicious!

  4. Well, how about making 1800 bitterballen? We did!!!! Elma