Monday, January 14, 2013


My December post is a little overdue, but I don't want to miss it, so here it goes!

I thought was really prepared, or rather I wanted to be really prepared for Christmas, but it didn't really work out. Not that I was unprepared, but the relaxing, kick-back time I thought I'd have, didn't surface.

Hannah, Ben and I made 200 croquettes one night. They were SO handy to take to Christmas parties and rather well received. Hehe!

I am SO ready to get back to eating normal food. I love snacky food, but it feels very good to be eating three normal meals a day!

I started doing book keeping for a small business in December. It's not a ton of work, but the initial learning always takes a bit more time.

We didn't do any house renos in December! It was a nice breather, but I can't remember what we did with our extra time!! I guess it was taken up with meetings, church stuff and just spending time with ourselves :-)

We rang in the New Year with a bunch of friends: good chats, laughs and "moments."  I think that's the latest I've stayed up for New Years in the last four years, granted two of those years I was highly pregnant: maybe not too control of my emotions?! I can laugh now, but it wasn't such a laughing matter then. Besides that I'm such a wimp and I like going to bed early!

So far we've been free from colds and flues. A few sniffles and inklings of colds, but nothing developing. We are VERY thankful for this!

I look back over this summary and it seems like we didn't do anything, but December was busy.

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