Friday, January 18, 2013


Naps, oh, naps, where have you gone?
Why have you left me for so long?
It was so sweet to have some peace
Why oh why, did you have to cease?

Please come back, and take my child
I need to have her not so wild
I love my quiet, that time of rest
It's not just nice, it is the best

I guess I knew it'd come one day
The time she'd never hit the hay
My little girl is growing up
I don't that I like it much

But for now I should be happy
I'll bide my time and not be sappy
I'll just enjoy the stage she's at
And be thankful her little sister still takes naps


  1. Love the poem . . .and yes . . do be thankful that Emma still naps. I am really battling this with Karter right now. The other day it was 20 minutes ALL DAY . . and he wakes up frequently at night! Don't know how he functions.
    My sister-in-law has from the beginning institued a "quiet time" where books are read etc quietly in their room or family room while the younger ones sleep in the afternoon. This allows her still to have her time of peace. I've always thought that was a fabulous idea!

    1. Emma is still napping for 1/2-1 hr in the morning and she's doing SO much better in the afternoon: usually about 3 hours, but this is only in the last two weeks or so. She wakes up through out her nap, but I just leave her and she goes back to sleep. Katie is still having quiet time, but it's a struggle to get her staying in her room. Music seems to help, but she comes up with all kind of excuses to leave. Lol!
      My mom said my older sister didn't have any naps after one. Yikes!