Monday, January 21, 2013


Katie banging on her placemat with her fork, "Dis is my Kettle drum" Apparently my two-year-old knows what a Kettle drum is.

Me: "Katie you're a banana monster." Katie: "No I'm a banana Owl."

Me: "Katie what does your thumb taste like? Like chocolate? " Katie: "No, no, it tastes like thumb!"

Watching me put my makup on... "Mom, are you painting yourself?"

Reading Philippians 3:14 which she knows from Steve Green "Do everything without complaining or arguing....."  Ben was reading out of the NKJV and it reads "Do all thing without complaining or disputing" Katie says, "No, no, not sputing....Aaaagruing!"

As we're driving to the grocery store Katie says, "The sun is so bright! God made the sun! And God made roads, and God made cars, and God made shopping!" Spoken like a woman.

Emma, pull my hair!    ......few seconds later...... OWWWW! Emma!!!

Katie caught the last few minutes of my conversation with my friend/co-working Hanna (K) on skype with no video....  "Was that the regular Aunt Hannah?"


  1. Love that girl!! Can't believe she is only a month away from being three!!

  2. Ha! Nothin' regular about THIS Aunt Hanna.