Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie!

My Katie-Baby is three! I know she's not a baby, but that's just the nickname she has. Katie-babe, boof-a-loof, sweetcheeks, love... the list goes on....

 Oh the anticipation! Katie has been talking about turning 3 for many months now! She was delighted to finally have her dream come true.
 She loves Strawberry Shortcake and sings the old theme song with her own variations on the lyrics throughout the day. I grew up hearing this song on the old record we had as kids which is why it's the song I sing and therefore the song she sings updates with her own lyrics.
She needed a new toothbrush, and I couldn't resist the Bubble bath on sale for a $1.50!
 Katie loves shawls, or anything that can be used for a shawl. She likes to use mine, especially at breakfast when she's cold, but it's way to big for her, so I knit her a smaller version with some BFM yarn I picked up a few years ago.
Katie also loves Raggedy Ann. (I know she loves a lot of stuff!) I've used a bit of the fabric in the rag quilt I made last year and one of her beanbags is also made of the same fabric. I had just enough left to squeeze a pair of pjs out of it. I had some knit/stretch fabric in my bin to maker her a pair of white leggings to go underneath. She was slightly pleased :-)

P.S. I may or may not have had a pair of pajamas out of this Raggedy Ann fabric when I was a teenager. And I may or may not have worn them into the first years of my married life until my husband may or maybe not confessed to me one day that he wasn't *ahem* "fond" *ahem* of them. Don't laugh.


  1. I laughed!!! ;)
    Kaitie sure had an awesome birthday!!! :) Sounds like fun to me.