Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some notes about my Emma Girl

She weighed 19 lb 8 oz at her appointment a few weeks week. When we was weighed, she was only 7 lbs heavier than her then-five-week-old cousin, Dexter! I wonder what the difference is now.....

She wears some 6-12 months clothes and some 12-18 months.

She has small feet and the winter booties that Katie wore at this age are way too big for her, but she wears them anyways.

She only "crawls" backwards as of yet, but gets places by pulling herself with her hands while sitting on her bum. Works well on hardwood, carpet... not so much.

She loves to scratch/tear at her stomach when undresses or in the bath/shower. I don't know if it's itchy because she never does when she has a shirt on.

She's still in an infant carrier. It's just SO convenient to be able to set her down with her scooting off!

If you're holding her, she won't look at you. Will. not.

She can wave, and she loves to clap. She can also say 'please' in baby sign, but does NOT like to perform.

She can't get from her tummy to sitting and rarely rolls over.

She plays peek-a-boo by putting her hands on top of her head and putting a goofy grin on her face.

She get unsatisfied very quickly and always wants to move on to the next thing.

She LOVES Katie and always wants to play with her or with what Katie has. Katie is less than pleased about this and hoards all her stuff where Emma can't get it.

She loves showers and would sit there for a long time if I let her. 

She loves Ben and so far, Dada, is about the only thing she says.

She's a HUGE whiner. I think it's just a habit she's gotten into. She'll whine at supper and keep whining sometimes when her mouth is full. Any suggestions to break the habit?

She's a total love that will melt your heart!

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  1. She looks so much like baby pictures of you here--definitely teBokkel. So crazy that she and Katie looked so similar at birth,but now look so different. :)