Monday, March 04, 2013

February 2013

Emma is off her bottle! I wanted to get her off it in January after she turned a year, but I just didn't have brain space for it. The first week of February I just decided halfway through the day that it was enough and no more! She'll drink if she gets hungry (I know, sometimes I'm mean!) She had mastered a Tupperware sipper cup with water since last November (?), but she was refusing milk in it then. I thought I'd give it another whirl again and wadda ya know? she was just fine.

Ben & I made a play kitchen for the girls. We spent a few evenings sanding, painting, painting and a little more painting (can you say, date night?)

We had my sister Christina and her hubby Nick and baby Dexter over for a weekend. Dexter was baptised and we had a nice get together with the family and friends.

My sister Hannah, left for Scotland. (Insert sad, sad, lonely face here). We miss her already!

Katie turned three! We had three parties for her! The VMS's came over for a combined party for her and her cousin Charity(who is exactly one month older) and during the baptism weekend we had a teBokkel party for her. And THEN, we had our own little family party for her on her actual birthday!

I had a lousy flu which consisted of me waking up in the middle of the night to throw up. The most frustrating part was not being able to do stuff. I don't know why I always get sick at the end of the week when all the cleaning and laundry needs to be done! I really should plan that better.

I updated my blog header just incase you didn't notice!

Ben drywalled the soon-to-be playroom downstairs for the girls! Mudding is next!

We got another 1/4 steer from the parents of my brother's girlfriend. We love the beef and it's so nice to have it all in our freezer. No more watching for sales and it's cheaper than buying it at the store. 

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