Friday, March 15, 2013

Fireplace Before and After

Since I know you all LOVE a before and after, I thought I'd share :-)

This is the orginal fireplace when we bought the house. The insert was electric. 
This is how it sat for 6 and a half years. Ben ripped the tiles off and the insert out shortly after buying the place.
 Just plywood over the rough floor after the tiles were ripped out. All that cement junk in there had to be chipped out too. 
My brother Nick, (an aspiring Mason!) came and laid all the stone around the fireplace. Ben did all the cutting for him, but the rest was all Nick. He's good eh?
 Ben had this stone leftover from a project at work. I never got any pictures of Ben laying the floor tile unfortunately....
Finished project! I love it! The floor tiles we found have a "non perfect" look to them which really suits the era of the house. They almost look like old cobblestones. Ben just cleaned and then painted the inside brick black. The top, left-hand stone, shows up really dark on the pictures, but it doesn't look like that in real life.  We still need to use some paint thinner or something on the few spots of white paint on the mantel, but that can wait until the summer when we can open the windows!

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