Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I really need to write these updates as the month goes past because I'm now stuck racking my brain as to what happened in April!

We had a portion of the back of our house soda blasted. The previous owners had painted some of the brick and we had tried everything to get it off before finally getting it professionally soda blasted.
The highlight of April was that my dear friend, Corina, surprised me on April 19th and was sitting in my living room when I came home from a bridal shower. I think I gave her a pretty decent reaction by jumping up and down and screaming. I mean, calmly saying hello and asking her how her trip was.... *cough cough*... moving along....We had a lovely time chatting and drinking tea and coffee and eating Toblerone. Hmmmmm!! We didn't go any "big" places  but had a relaxing time at home. Corina went for walks with Katie and entertained my kids many hours while I was busy with meals and housework. She also graciously babysat a few times and did plenty of dishes too!

We organised and cleaned up our entire basement and man, does that feel good! Ben spent portions of three Saturdays cleaning up his workshop, reorganising tools, building shelving and pitching junk. It's SO nice to walk downstairs and know where stuff is.

We had some beautiful weather at the end of April! It felt like summer!

The rest of the month was filled with normal life and meetings and such. Ben is usually gone every Monday for church related meetings, Tuesdays for Catechism, Wednesday are usually filled up with something for him or me, Thursdays we church clean and then it's the weekend which of course gets filled with this and that. But Ben is usually home every day by 5pm for which I am very thankful!

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