Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ear piercing

So here's the story, the dramatic tale, unfolded.

Katie enjoys earrings. She liked to have glitter glue put on her ears to look like Mommy. Last year, in an attempt to get Ben's 'yes' I put glitter glue on her ears to show him what it would like look. It was a no-go. She was "too young and it would take away from her cuteness." I tried again in April and Ben sheepishly agreed it was pretty cute on her. She has more hair, and it's not so "in your face" as it would have been before.

Some background here. All of my sisters and myself had our ears pierced when we were little. There are two camps:

1. Get them done when they're little, so it's not such a big deal and they don't touch them etc etc.
2. Make them wait until they're older, can appreciate it, take responsibility for the pain, etc etc.

I really actually agree both sides. It's really whatever you as parents agree on. I will say this, however; Katie was not at a good age. I see the folly of my ways. lol! I really should have waited until she could handle it better, but I must confess, I was selfish and wanted them done.  What's done is done now, and I think I will get Emma's done younger (when Ben warms up to it) so it's not such a drama.  That being said, Katie is a TOTAL drama queen (yes, nod your head and chuckle, it's true) so her experience was a little more dramatic than an average three-year-old.

Anyways, now for pictures! We went with Corina, when she was here, but alas, the camera died, before we could get a picture of Katie with Auntie Corina. Thanks for taking all the pictures, Corina!

The Before Picture

A little nervous?

They haven't even done anything yet here. This is just Katie, being upset about something that might hurt. In this case, it did.
First look and she burst into tears hysterics all over again!
The lollipop only made it slightly better.
Icecream is what really fixed it. Oreo blizzard to be exact. A girl after my own heart!
Putting ice on it to feel better.
Then she just wanted to eat the ice. Forget the blizzard, just give me ICE!

"Oh mom, you got a little something there...."

Love her!


  1. I was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. Started reading about the great story about your ODD getting her ears pierced after convincing dh. Your story reminded of a funny experience of mine when we pierced our ODD's ears at 3 yrs.

    After piercing our ODD's ears, we came home and he admitted that he loved them. What happened next surprised me. Dh asked why we hadn't had our 18 mo dd's ears pierced too! I didn't know what to say, but then our 3 yr said chimed in that she wanted her baby sister to have matching earrings like hers. My family was ganging up on me! Now everyone wanted my baby girl to have her ears pierced! What could I do?

    Well, I asked our ped and she encouraged me to do our toddler when she won't remember and when mommy cares for them. Guess what...both of my girls got their ears pierced ears. Our girls now have matching earrings and are adorable too.

    I read from your own experience you and your sisters had them done early too. Don't think you were selfish having your older dd's ears pierced now. Sounds like you've already considered having your YDD done sooner so maybe now is the time to put some stickers on her ears and put earrings similar to your dd's new earrings to show dh how pretty ALL of his girls would be with earrings. Promise he'll realize how pretty daddy's little girls would be with matching earrings like yours:) Your mommy intution is telling your earlier is better.


  2. oh man. i'm sorry, katie, but that really made me laugh.
    i am glad she recovered from it quickly :)

  3. Aw--anticipation of pain is the worst. :) But the earrings are very cute. And waiting a couple years would not have made a difference--I was five and Mum and Dad could tell you that it was just as bad.

  4. Haha! Katie cracks me up. Nice job documenting the saga.

  5. And her grandfather would say "If God meant for you to have holes in your ears, he would have put them there"...and yet I still managed to get them pierced :-)I'm thinking 8 or 9 will be a nice age! Hopefully then they can take it without the drama!

  6. O totally too funny! My heart bleeds for poor Katie!!!!! You want to come with me to document me getting my ears pierced? ROFLOL! I'm sure Katie's drama would pale compared to that. I never got my ears pierced because I could just feel it without it even being done. And, when I married the guy of the above quote from Amanda, it was game over eh? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. However, I'm now thinking that maybe I'm not cute enough...should I get it done yet? Will you guys come along and hold my hand and buy me an ice cream to make the owie better???

  7. Oma and Opa (particularly Opa) was also of the belief "If God meant...." I had to wait until I was 16, just in time for your uncle Walter's wedding. Just go with what your heart tells you. By the way, I found 'converters' for Oma that let you bend studs and/or put hooked earrings into a thin post that is a clip-on. Oma can now wear many of the earrings meant for pierced ears. I believe I got them in a jewellery store in Ontario - one of the major chains like Birks. So Jacqui, you can always try that first.